Coffee is the REAL Social Lubricant

While we don’t compromise on the taste of coffee, this caffeinated drink goes beyond pleasuring one’s taste buds and refueling one’s body. Today, I’m here to say that coffee is the REAL and BEST social lubricant. And yes, I know alcholics will disagree with me.

Coffee doesn’t leave you with a lost sense of balance and slurred speech. In fact, it gives you the opposite. Coffee makes you focused and care about the words that come out of your moth.

Coffee doesn’t make you recklessly lose your inhibitions to make regrettable decisions. Coffee allows you to control your prescence and dominate the environment around you. 

Coffee doesn’t give you hangovers and it doesn’t make your breath smell like poison. Sure, you can crash from it if you didn’t have a good night’s sleep, but that’s a simple fix. There’s nothing worse than a headache that lasts for hours and the smell of alcohol reeking from your clothes, while you look like a mess.

Coffee is the catalyst for good conversation. Whether it’s catching up with your friends, spending time with your family, or having a business meeting, that small cup sitting right in front you has the special power of bringing people together to share memorable moments. 

There’s no need for swearing, sweaty bodies, or fist-fights. Coffee is elegant and mature. It’s the real ice breaker that gives you the focus and energy to be more social and care about what other people are saying. 

The cafe culture is cherished in many countries. Some people enter the cafe at noon and don’t leave until the evening. So, the next time you drink your coffee, make sure to have it with someone else and enjoy every moment.